Collingwood School Teachers Notes

I am learning to understand that authors write books.

I am learning to ask who, what, why, where and how questions.

I am learning to use story telling language to retell and change a story.


We were very lucky to have a ‘real life’ author come to Collingwood.

Mrs and Mr Matthews have written and had their own story published.  It is called Minnie and Maxi in London.

Mrs Matthews read us the story and then we were able to ask her some questions.


We asked,

How did you make the story?

We were having a day out at Adventure Island with Ava and George and I got an idea.  I didn’t want to forget it so at lunch I wrote it all down on the back of a menu.

How did you draw the pictures?

I knew what I wanted the main characters to look like so I drew a rough sketch and then we gave it to the illustrator to create the pictures.

Why did you choose London?

London is my favourite place in the whole world.  Especially the tower of London.

We then had a go at creating our own versions of the Minnie and Maxi story.

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Collingwood Teachers Notes